Your Guide to 3 Seattle Luxury Home Finishes Trending This Year

No house is complete without home finishes. These are the last-minute details added to a house after all major construction is finished.

No house is complete without home finishes.  These are the last-minute details added to a house after all major construction is finished.  These home improvements are a great way to customize your house and make it unique.  Many Seattle luxury homes use finishes to take their design to the next level.  Here are three examples of popular high-end finishes this year.

1. Sustainable and long-lasting materials

Being eco-friendly is only becoming more popular.  This is causing people to take into consideration the ethics behind the products that they buy.  Seattle luxury homes are not exempt.  Many high-end finishes are being done with sustainable materials, whether that means ethically sourced wood or just furniture that will last instead of going into a landfill in a few years.  Some people are using recycled materials for their home improvements, such as glass tile made from old computer and television screens.  Others are choosing luxury materials that will never need to be replaced, like marble, quartz, and granite countertops.  Using these types of high-end finishes is a way to make your home both more unique and more sustainable.

2. Attention to detail

One of the most telling signs of Seattle luxury homes is that their high-end finishes will be small and detailed.  While finishes can refer to materials used and appliances bought, a mark of luxury is tiny things that you may not notice at first.  Paying someone to take the time on several small home improvements like this shows how luxury the home really is.  For example, edge detail and floating surfaces on countertops are both things that require extra time and money.  Wooden inlays are another example of this.  Hardwood flooring has always been a mark of luxury, and a customized pattern is yet another step up for this high-end finish.  Think of the attention to detail it will take a person to lay a floor in a unique pattern rather than in regular lines.

3. Anything “off-trend”

Everyone wants their home to be different and special, and that is coming out in high-end finishes this year.  Instead of looking to popular styles for home improvements, people are basing their design on their own personalities.  Following trends is fine, but it’s not very original.  Seattle luxury homes are being customized more and more not just to look good, but also to look new and different, whether that means using unique materials, patterns, or furnishings.  These types of home improvements will probably be more beneficial in the long run.  Trends come and go, but a home based on the people who live in it will last.

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