When to Put an Addition on Your Home in Seattle, WA

Here are a few key indicators it might be time to move or add extra space to your home.

Even the biggest homes can seem small when we start to outgrow them. Whether its another child being born or in-laws moving in, what once felt like more than enough, can feel cramped and frustrating. If you are thinking about moving to a bigger house, consider what the addition of space might do for your home, your family, and your bottom line.

Things to Look For

Here are a few key indicators it might be time to move or add extra space to your home:

  • You’ve been thinking about it for a while
  • You have belongings with no place to call home
  • Your children have outgrown their shared bedroom
  • Nobody has any privacy
  • The kitchen is too small for your immediate family
  • You are no longer able to walk up and down stairs
  • You have no storage


Moving vs Expanding

Moving might seem like the obvious answer, but consider the time and energy you’ve spent building this house into a home. If you’ve been living in your home for any length of time, the odds of it appreciating in value, even in a slower economy, are good. It might not be worth what it once was, but hanging on to a home is always better than bailing on it to take on a brand new mortgage and start over. Expanding your home with an addition not only adds more value to your home, but it can also be more affordable than moving because you could tap into equity to help finance your remodel.


Pros and Cons of Home Additions

There are many things to consider when comparing moving with putting an addition on your home. For starters, expansions take time and you will likley need to live in the home during the additional construction. However, investing in your home is never a bad thing and even if you decide later to sell the home, you will get your money back in resale value. It’s difficult to see how you may be able to create more space in your home, but the professionals at Eakman Construction offer many solutions, such as digging foundations deeper, raising ceilings, opening up walls, and doing full additions vertically to maximize small lot sizes. The dust and noise might be a lot for a family with small children, but remember that it is only temporary.


How to Hire a Custom Home Builder for the Job

When considering an addition to your home, it’s best to work with professionals who have experience helping families bring their vision to life. An addition is different from a remodel, or even a new build. Incorporating existing infrastructure into new foundations and structures takes skill and understanding. Our clients appreciate that we take the time to share the pros and cons of adding an addition to a home and that we provide them with all the information they need to decide as a family which decision is right for them.


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