Top 5 Expenses to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

The cost of building a home can vary greatly depending on the options you select. Here are the top expenses to consider when building your dream home.


You have many factors to consider when building a home. Your dream home may be within reach, but the expenses can pile up quickly if you don’t have a budget to stick with. Some options, such as your appliances, furniture, home theater setup, and others should be considered extra. But when you want to build a home, other, more important expenses should be considered first. Start by working with the best contractors in the area to ensure that you don’t sacrifice quality. The contractors should be able to give you a solid cost estimate for every aspect of the project. Here are the top five expenses to consider when building your dream home.

Foundation Cost Of Building A Home

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of laying the foundation since it involves so many factors. One factor that makes a major difference is your location. You may need to perform soil tests to determine what type of work needs to be done to prevent settling issues. Many contractors only like to build a specific type of foundation, so talk to professionals who have built homes for a long time and get their advice and recommendations. The cost of laying the foundation could range from a couple of thousand dollars to more than $20,000 depending on the foundation’s type, size, and other factors.

Framing Costs

Believe it or not, framing costs can be the most expensive part of building a home. The larger the home is, the higher the framing costs will be. You can use stick framing to save some money compared to timber framing, which is what most people do. The cost of lumber is also a concern and this price can vary with the area. Lumber costs are almost always fluctuating, so if you’re on a budget, the timing could be a priority. Expect to pay between at least $100 and up to $200 per square foot for framing costs.

Plumbing and Electrical Costs

The labor cost of plumbers and electricians can be pretty high when you build a home. The price can vary from one home to the next, depending on any excavation work that needs to be completed, how many stories the house is, and any other unique factors. You want the plumbing and electrical work to be done correctly without breaking the bank. You might be able to rely on your general contractor or architect to point you in the right direction here.


Asphalt shingles are typically used on roofs because they are cost-effective and quick and easy to install. Other, more expensive, roofs include metal, tile, slate, and wood shake. It’s important to talk with reputable contractors and get their recommendations on what roof material would be best for your home based on the location. The roof is one of the highest expenses when building a home, but it is critical to have a good roof to prevent problems in the future.


Flooring is an expense that’s difficult to estimate because there are so many options available. You could keep concrete floors and stain them for an attractive yet cost-effective look. Most people choose from carpet, tile, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, and other options. Consider your budget and lifestyle when choosing a flooring option so that it will last as long as possible and look great at the same time.

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