Should You Be Your Own General Contractor?

While it’s true that you can save money by acting as your own general contractor for your next big home remodel, that benefit comes with many downsides.

While it’s true that you can save money by acting as your own general contractor for your next big home remodel, that benefit comes with many downsides. Experienced general contractors will tell you that you will take on a home remodel project at your own risk – and that the money you might save by not hiring one will just end up getting eaten up by your budget in overages, poor planning mistakes, and getting taken for a ride by subcontractors who take advantage of your lack of experience and knowledge. If you are thinking about becoming your own general contractor for your next home renovation in Kirkland, WA, let us help you make an informed decision. At Eakman Construction, we know that homeowners expect a lot from their contractors and we don’t want you to make the mistake of taking on more than you can handle. Here are some considerations before making that big decision.

There is nobody to report to or complain to about the project.

One downfall of being your own general contractor is that you are responsible for everything – and we mean everything! – related to the organization and execution of your home remodel project. Whether you are remodeling a luxury home or you are updating and expanding your existing home, there is a lot that goes into planning and implementing such a project. If you are someone who wants to come home at the end of the day and have everything handled, don’t be your own contractor. If, however, you have the time and know-how to run several subcontractors through the process of building or renovating your home, have at it. Just keep in mind that if you misdirect the subcontractors, it’s on you. Hiring a professional general contracting company or home remodeling company like Eakman Construction means that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Your timeline is your own.

Sure, it sounds great to not have to deal with outside timings and try to coordinate with a general contractor on when your home renovation project is going to be completed, but keep in mind that if you get bored, tired, or even injured while overseeing the implementation of your project, your timeline comes to a halt. At Eakman Construction, it’s our job to keep going, long after you are tired of thinking about remodeling your home. Our team of dedicated professionals lives for this stuff and we work hard to ensure that your building project is delivered on time. Even though there are always weather and delivery issues to content with, the idea of having your own timeline isn’t always a good thing.

Your money doesn’t go as far.

One thing you need to consider – and it’s big thing! – is that when you show up to hardware stores or home renovation companies, they aren’t going to offer you a break on the products and services the way they do professional contractors. In some cases, you could be overspending by as much as 20% if you decide to go it on your own. If you are frugal and can take the time to make careful choices about how you spend you might, you might be able to recoup that extra cost in another area, but for the most part, when you try to take on a major home renovation in Kirkland, WA, you can expect to pay more for what you would have gotten from a general contractor or professional home builder.

Whether you are building a home for the first time and want to make sure it’s just right, or you are putting an addition on your master bedroom, our advice is always to hire a professional general contractor. Eakman Construction might not be right for you and your project – and that’s okay – but we know that it’s always better to find the right contractor for your needs, style, budget, and personality so we want to encourage you to make sure you do your homework and don’t just jump into taking on a big home remodeling project on your own unless you are ready for anything. For more information about our home building, renovating, and addition services, contact Eakman Construction today.