Seatle Residents: Useful Tips to Make a Winter-Friendly Outdoor Living room

Sometimes all it takes is a warm fire pit, a porch swing, and a spring project to take the season to a whole new level! Check out how you can change that simple back year to an outdoor living room!


When it comes to spring cleaning, it is not always about washing everything down. Sometimes it means brightening up your outdoor space. Having a new outdoor space can be that breath of fresh air that your house needs! 

Small Space

As the temperatures rise, it is a great idea to change your patio or deck into something a little bit more your style. If you have a small space, add some color or some early blooms. Flowers are a great start to creating a new space. Although you may not have a lot of room, a small swinging chair or a bench can make a great place to sit and relax.

Large Space

If you have a larger space, having bigger flowers can create a botanical garden vibe. It is OK if you are not up for a lot of landscaping or if flowers are not your thing. Easy-to-install hammocks, hanging chairs, or rope swings are perfect for bigger spaces. You can set up a two-seater bistro-style. If you want something a little different, hang twinkle lights or add throw pillows and blankets to create a more appealing area.  


A centerpiece is important for an outdoor living room. This could be a fire pit, a long dining table for outside seating, or even a hanging bench! Whatever you choose to have as a centerpiece, it should be the focal point of your outdoor living room. It should also bring the space together and make it cohesive in design.


After choosing a centerpiece, it is all about the decor, which can include making a DIY walkway. You can get crushed rock, large stones, or even level it off to a clean surface. Before you start your project, make sure you are not disturbing any cables or lines. Check with your local courthouse for blueprints to the property or call the utility company for more information.

Before you make any purchases, be sure to look around surrounding areas like hardware stores, marketplaces, or with other people in the neighborhood. You never know when you will see deals or even some free materials. If the materials are not what you are seeking, make sure to get quotes from several businesses. This will allow for a better chance for “price matching,” and you may get the material at a major discount!


The biggest fear for most people when they start projects like this is going too big, too fast. But is there a way to go too big? Decks, platforms, gazebos, and any structures can make your outside experience even more fascinating.  Getting a contractor or a designer will reduce your stress and ensure a high-quality result! 

By considering these points, you can create a beautiful patio or porch space. No doubt you will enjoy that spending time outside in your new outdoor living room.

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