Renovation Ideas: Turn an Attic Into a Vacation Rental Room in Seattle

Home renovations are great for a lot of reasons. Not only do they make your house more appealing for you, but they also boost your home equity.


Home renovations are great for a lot of reasons. Not only do they make your house more appealing for you, but they also boost your home equity. In some cases, renovations can include sprucing up or adding to an area that is rarely used. For many people, the attic is just storage space. This space can be used for much more, such as a vacation rental to score you some extra income on the side. Here are the steps you’ll take to make attic renovation a reality. 

Mind the Regulations

First and foremost, be sure to check out the local codes in your area regarding a living space. This is the most important preliminary step, as you must ensure that the room is legal to use as a rental. Otherwise, you may waste money. If you find that your attic is not suitable for renting, you may be able to make the necessary changes if you have the budget. Also, find out if converting your attic bedroom will require a building permit. 


After you make sure that you are all up to code for your attic renovation, you need to clean up the space well. No guest is going to want to stay in a dirty attic bedroom space. Make sure that you dust all the nooks and crannies that are common in attic bedrooms. 

Install Electricity and HVAC Ductwork

The next step for turning your attic into a living space will be wiring it with electricity. Whoever is staying in the room will need lights as well as outlets for appliances or charging their phone. You should scope out local electricians and find a reputable one to do this. Electricity is nothing to mess with if you are not a professional. 

You will also need to have HVAC ductwork installed in the attic bedroom. This will allow the room to be heated or cooled for whoever is staying in the space. If you are not familiar with HVAC systems, then it is best to contact a professional. 

Fix the Floor

Once you have wiring installed, the floor will come next. Some attics already have a subfloor installed, which puts you a step ahead of the game. If yours does not, don’t worry. It is not too difficult to put in a subfloor. Subfloors will most commonly consist of ¾ inch tongue and groove plywood. There are plenty of online videos that can guide you through this process if you want to do it yourself.

Insulate the Attic Bedroom 

After the floor is laid, you should insulate the space. This will help keep the new room warm or cool depending on the season. You could also insulate the floor before you lay it down if you would like an additional sound barrier between the room and the main house. 

Finalize Your New Attic Room

The last steps are to complete all the finishing touches. This is where all your attic room ideas come to life. You need to decide if you want the walls to be drywall or wood paneling. If you go with drywall, you will need to paint the walls. You also get to choose the type of flooring to install in the room. Finally, you get to decorate the new space. All that’s left is enjoying the attic bedroom yourself or getting it ready for a renter. 

Eakman Construction Can Help

Whether you need help with your attic room ideas or some other project, Eakman Construction is here to help. We are experts in all things home renovation, including building new homes. We want to help you complete whatever project you have your eye on, so give us a call.