Remodeling Your Home: 10 Vintage Home Design Ideas

There are many things to consider when remodeling a home, and the style of design should always be at the forefront.


There are many things to consider when remodeling a home, and the style of design should always be at the forefront. Vintage design, an increasingly popular trend of interior design, is a synergistic combination of antique elements and modern architecture. At the core of vintage design lies comfort, distinction, and the character of the homeowner. After all, vintage isn’t a one-size-fits-all trend of design, your personal touches are what make the design special to you! Let’s get started.

1.Home Office

Nothing aligns more perfectly with the definition of vintage design than your very own home office. Home offices have been a cornerstone to traditional houses for centuries. With more people working from home now more than ever, home offices have become a contemporary regularity. 

A heavy wooden desk from earlier centuries is a chic design element of your home office that you won’t want to miss out on. Decorate your office with some greenery, your favorite vintage pictures, and even your degrees and diplomas for an authoritative and old-fashioned look that has become a modern style in interior design.

2.Home Library

A home library that is diverse in your favorite reading material is as vintage as it gets. Don’t be fooled, a home library can go anywhere! It can be off of the entrance to your living room, in your home office, or even in a room all its own. A home library adds a dash of prestige to your household, and has been a staple in many houses throughout the centuries. Nothing embodies vintage quite like a home library.

3.Entrance Hallway

An entrance foyer is where you first greet your guests, as well as the first thing your guests will see upon entering your home. Entrance hallways may simply feature a colorful brocade carpet on the floor that is inviting to your guests. A wooden bench is also commonplace for an entrance foyer, for guests to sit and remove their shoes or coats while taking in the grandeur of your vintage home.

4.Vintage Child Bedroom

Think of pastel-themed wallpapers that incorporate various wooden furniture harmoniously with the ambiance of the room. Fuzzy, furry rugs are traditional features of a vintage child bedroom, and also give your children a place to play comfortably on the floor. Don’t forget, nothing embodies vintage like wooden shelves donned with crafty handmade decor!

5.Vintage Bathroom 

There are so many unique and out-of-the-box design ideas that you can incorporate for your vintage bathroom. While the main traditional elements of a vintage bathroom are usually carpeted floors and garden tubs, these features can often be incredibly inconvenient for homeowners. They also don’t really meld well with modern vintage design. Instead, consider fresh flowers beside the sink, or a wooden-framed mirror accompanied by yellowish lighting.

6.Vintage Kitchen

The kitchen is where most family members and guests will typically spend the majority of their time, so make sure it’s welcoming and cozy. Incorporate nostalgic-style interiors, artwork, a classic wooden table, and look into racks/hangers for cookware that shout “I’m ready to make you dinner!”

7.Vintage Master Bedroom

A vintage master bedroom should be romantic and nuanced in appearance. The bedroom is your private space, and it has a monumental effect on your physical and mental health. Incorporate some calming elements like caramel and vanilla colors and decor. Your bed should also be covered with the most comfortable pillows, woolens, or furs. Most importantly, fill that empty space above your headboard with your most memorable pictures in vintage wooden frames!

8.Vintage Living Room

Your living room should always serve as a comfortable place to relax, unwind, and spend time with your friends and family. A soft and spacious sofa along with a warm and posh faux fur throw is always a great idea when going vintage with your living room. Be sure to incorporate decor that brings the room together like glory floor lamps, floral patterns here and there, and maybe even a vintage turntable.

9.Vintage Ceiling

Alter any crude ceiling into one you just can’t help but look up at and enjoy. Try incorporating a vintage style fan with some lighting to really capture the vintage feel!

10.Handmade Vintage Accessories

This part is entirely up to you, so get crafty. There are so many ways to make handmade vintage accessories to accompany a vintage design when remodeling a home. Home remodeling should be fun and exciting! So make this moment memorable by handcrafting your own decor like wine bottle vases, repurposing hooks as hangers, or making candle stands from funnels! 

11.Ready to Go Vintage?

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