Planning for the Future: Renovation Tips for a Senior-Friendly Home

Unassisted senior living may seem like a daunting idea. However, many home improvements can make your home more senior-friendly.


Unassisted senior living may seem like a daunting idea. However, many home improvements can make your home more senior-friendly. Home renovations for the elderly are meant to create a living space that is safe, comfortable, and convenient. Renovating with the needs of seniors in mind is a process that Eakman Construction makes easy. Take a look at how you can utilize a home remodel as a way to make your home a haven for seniors.

Renovations for Seniors

Renovating the interior of your home to suit the needs of the seniors in your life is a great way to ensure the safety of your loved ones. These concerns are even more important if you are a senior! In any case, consider the following factors when you start your senior-friendly home remodel.


Ensuring the safety of your flooring, steps, and stairs is crucial for seniors. Adding non-slip flooring at entryways, repairing uneven or cracked flooring, adding no-rise entries with ramps, and installing railing on stairs is a great way to provide seniors with sufficient safety precautions.


Increased lighting and light fixtures that are easy to manipulate will provide seniors with enhanced vision. Adding motion sensor lights to ramps and stairs will also provide seniors with the clarity they need to avoid a misstep. 


More than a third of seniors fall over each year, with 80%  of those slips and falls occurring in the restroom or shower. Providing seniors with adequate safety precautions in their restrooms is a must for any home remodel. Home improvements for seniors should account for safety in the washroom.

Ways to avoid these situations include adding slip prevention flooring, non-skid bath mats, and non-slip rug tape. Seniors also benefit from grab bars located in the shower, tub, and next to the toilet. U-shaped vertical or angle bars ensure a significant decrease as it relates to hand-slippage than diagonal bars.

One of the best additions to a shower/tub you can provide for a senior is a fold-down seat or bench. Many seniors have a difficult time maintaining balance on slippery surfaces so it is a good idea to provide them with an alternative to standing. All of these home improvements will ensure the safety of seniors when using the washroom.


Seniors deserve a kitchen that they will treasure. Decreasing the necessity for bending and crouching while making things accessible is key to the safety of seniors in the kitchen. Offering the opportunity for increased dexterity is always beneficial to seniors.

Open shelving designs provide easier access for seniors when they need something from the cupboard. In addition, converting to glass cabinet doors will make it easier for seniors to identify what they are looking for, thus diminishing the need for increased movement. 

Installing pressure-balanced faucets that provide a steady and routine water temperature is very beneficial. Converting to a single lever kitchen faucet will make it easier for seniors to use the sink. There are numerous ways to make the kitchen a safe place for seniors, and Eakman Construction provides the expertise required to make any room a safe one.

Make Your Home Senior-Friendly Today!

At Eakman Construction, we believe that offering home improvements for elderly people is important. Every individual should feel safe and comfortable in their home. Contact Eakman Construction today for guidance on making your home more senior-friendly!