Plan Your Custom Home the Right Way

Working with the right custom home builder is what is important when it comes to building a new home.

Eakman Construction Brings Your Home Building Dreams to Life

There’s no shortage of advice out there about how to build your dream home, but there’s really only a few things you need to know to start the process. Working with the right custom home builder is what is important when it comes to building a new home. Understanding the needs and desires of homeowners is what we do best, so we’ve put together a short list of things you need to consider before deciding to move forward with your custom home build, kitchen design, or any other renovation project you want to tackle.

Assess Your Needs and Budget Before Contacting a Luxury Home Builder

Before you contact a custom home builder in Seattle, WA, you should take some time to sit down with a pen and paper to write down everything you want in your new home. If you are planning a complete home renovation, it’s important to assess the existing use of space in your home and consider how the new space will serve you now and in the future. It’s easy to get carried away with what you think you need during this process, so spend a few days thinking about how you imagine using your new space and how family members may interact, spend time with one another, cook meals, and retreat for some privacy at the end of the day. Write it all down. As part of your home building process, you need to consider how much money you want to spend. Many homeowners are disappointed when they find out their dream home is out of reach. A more effective way to approach custom home builds is to set a budget and then talk to a custom home builder who can work with your budget to bring your ideas to life.

Talk to a Renovation Expert or Home Builder

Once you know what it is you want in your new home, reach out to an experienced custom home builder to discuss your plans. An experienced builder will be able to accurately price your project, and if your desires don’t align with your budget, professionals will be able to gently guide you to spend your money where it matters. For some, kitchens and bathrooms are the obvious choices, while others are set on spending money on family space and large entertainment areas. There’s no right or wrong answer here, so don’t be swayed into building a home you don’t want. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to get a clear picture of whether or not the builder you speak with is for you.

Make Your Money Go Further

When you work with a reputable home building company in Washington, you’ll find that the work comes naturally and easy for them. If things seem uneasy or are not coming together as planned, it’s a good sign that the company is not as experienced as they might have led you to believe. One way to determine this is when a company pushes you to spend money in areas you don’t want to spend; for example, pressuring you to build a garage for resale value. Custom home builders are just that: they build custom homes. If you don’t want a garage, it is the job of a respected and responsible home builder to make you aware of the pros and cons and allow you to make the informed choice.

Eakman Construction Makes Building Your Custom Home a Breeze

When it comes to building the home of your dreams, rely on a custom home builder who has helped bring home ownership dreams to life for so many people in the Seattle and Kirkland, WA areas. Eakman Construction is a leader in the luxury home building industry and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience that results in a one-of-a-kind home. Taking the time to answer your questions ensures that you get the home you want at the price you can afford. Contact us today to discuss your custom home building needs.