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Building a custom home or remodeling a residential home is often stressful and time-consuming for homeowners. With our customer-focused approach to everything we do, the professionals at Eakman Construction take the time to ensure you are well-versed in the project and understand what you can expect throughout the building or remodeling process. We walk you through the steps to bring your dreams to life in a new custom home build or remodel design. Our process has been developed and refined over many years in the construction industry, and we’ve come to find that being open and honest with our customers is the most effective approach to help build trust and deliver a high-quality product that homeowners love.

Consultation Phase

During the initial consultation, our team will visit your site and conduct a walk through with you and your architect to help refine and determine what you want and need in your new home build. Even the smallest home can be turned into a luxury home when Eakman Construction is on the job.

Design Phase

One of the most important aspects of the custom home build process is the design phase. Careful consideration of details and layout is essential to the success of the project. We work with every homeowner to help translate their needs and wants into a home that is perfectly them. Take your home to the next level or build a custom home from scratch with Eakman Construction.

Proposal Phase

Once we know what you want in your new home build or remodel, our team will prepare a project proposal for your review. We don’t start any project until our customers are fully satisfied with our proposal and everything can be agreed upon. We’ll outline schedule, materials, partners, and estimates in our proposal, so you know up-front what your project will look like and cost.

Construction Phase

When you hire Eakman Construction to remodel your home, you’ll be treated to first class service with weekly update meetings with our project team. We’ll provide you with status reports before, during and at the end of the project, and provide information via email from our project manager so you always know what is happening with your executive home remodel. Whether we are walking you through the home to ensure all of the fixtures are working as expected or we are revealing your brand new addition, you’ll be blown away by how much care and attention we give to our clients.

Inspection Phase

Following the completion of your new home build or remodel, one final step is necessary before we hand you the keys: the inspection. Throughout the process, various inspectors will be visiting your home to approve phases of construction, and one final inspection will provide the seal of approval gracing the job done and giving us the ability to hand over the keys. As a fully licensed and insured construction company, every job starts with the proper permits and ends with a fully satisfied customer.

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