Kirkland Washington: Build Your Dream Home with These 10 Steps

Thinking about building a new home? There are many benefits to new construction rather than buying an existing property. You get complete creative control with a custom house, literally from the ground up. Your dream home can become a reality.


Thinking about building a new home?  There are many benefits to new construction rather than buying an existing property.  You get complete creative control with a custom house, literally from the ground up.  Your dream home can become a reality.  If you are looking into building a new home in Kirkland, Washington, here are the steps you should follow.

1.Find the Location

The first step in building a new home is finding a place to build it.  You want a piece of Kirkland, Washington, land that is big enough for the size house you want.  You also need to make sure that your home will fall within the building codes of the land you are looking to purchase.

2.Hire a Construction Company

Once you figure out where you will be building a new home, you need to decide who will build it.  You want a construction company that will put you first.  Choose a contractor who keeps you in the loop the entire time and is dedicated to following your dream for the new construction.


Once you have found a potential construction company, you will want to set up a consultation with them where you discuss your hopes for the house.  Make sure that the contractor can build what you want before you officially hire them.


After finalizing who is doing your new construction, the serious planning can begin.  You bring the vision, and the professionals turn that into blueprints.

5.Timeline and Budget

While in the planning phase, make sure you discuss the timeline for building a new home with your contractor.  Be realistic, but make sure the work will be done efficiently.  The same goes for budget.  A dream home can cost a lot, but there are ways to save money, like insider discounts on materials from your construction company.


Once the plan is finalized, it is time for the new construction to start.  There is not a lot for you as the homeowner to do during this phase.  That does not mean you shouldn’t be kept in the loop.  Your construction company should give you regular updates on how the build is going and any potential problems they run into.


Once the structure of the house is up, it is time to install drywall, flooring, lighting, and other fixtures.  This is when your dream home really starts to come together, and you’ll see your vision start to come to life.


Even when everything is installed, there are still finishing touches to be done.  There are walls to paint and new furniture to bring in.  Just because new construction is over doesn’t mean the house is move-in ready.

9.Final Inspection

Before your construction company leaves for the last time, you should do a final walkthrough and inspection with your contractor.  This is when you make sure that all of your requests have been fulfilled and everything is installed and working properly.  You don’t want the builders to leave only to have to have them return to fix or add something in a few weeks.

10.Move In

The last step in building a new home is moving in.  Once all your stuff is inside your brand-new dream house, it will really start to feel like home.

Need help building a new home?

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