Kirkland Residents: Do’s and Don’ts When Remodeling Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is exciting. It may be the first thing you are looking to change in your home and it should reflect your personality while also being comfortable and efficient.


A bathroom remodel is exciting. It may be the first thing you are looking to change in your home and it should reflect your personality while also being comfortable and efficient. It can also be a significant investment, one you don’t want to enter into without careful thought and financial planning.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to think about when planning to remodel the bathroom. 

Do: Financially Plan for the Unexpected

Several things can go wrong when bathroom remodeling. The biggest concern is water damage from unexpected leaks or damaged pipes. Other issues can be hidden. A general contractor can help you avoid these mishaps. However, even a contractor can miss something hidden behind a wall. Financially planning for the unexpected will help you avoid an unfinished bathroom. 

Don’t: Skimp on High-Use Materials

It’s okay to want to save money and the best way to do it is to choose cheaper materials. However, it is important not to skimp on materials that will see more daily use. Faucets are one feature you should not skimp. Although there are now lifetime warranties to cover water damage and stains, the cheapest faucets are not covered. Tile is another high-usage material and shouldn’t be chosen lightly. Usually, the tile that costs less has significant size variations, which can cause your bathroom floor to have crooked lines.

Do: Express Yourself Through Lighting

Lighting can be an excellent way to express yourself in the bathroom. There are many design options to meet any taste. Choosing a good lighting source, like LEDs, saves energy and money. They are also easy to install, so you can save on the expense of having a contractor put them in. 

Don’t: Avoid Skilled Labor

Do-It-Yourself projects are “in”. They are also a great way to save money. However, choosing a professional for complicated projects will save you money in the long run. The best projects to manage by yourself are the beginning of a project and the end. For example, you can rip out the tub during demolition, finish the paint at the end, and/or add the finishing touches like switch covers.  

Do: Add Privacy in Your Bathroom 

A toilet can be fancy, and it can also be discreet. Adding a room within your bathroom offers the ultimate in privacy, especially when you share a bathroom with other members of the household. It can also be a time-saver in the mornings. If you don’t need that level of privacy, a half wall could be just what you need. If you don’t want to add a framed wall to your bathroom you could add a dresser or armoire. This could offer more privacy while adding character to the bathroom. 

Don’t: Forget Storage

It’s important to consider your storage options when planning a bathroom remodel. You don’t want to end up with towels strewn across the bathroom. Medicine cabinets are also important for storing the essentials. 

Storage options are limitless. You may want shelves where you can place baskets or containers. Knocking out a wall to make a storage closet is another option. There is also the tried and true: adding cabinets and drawers under the bathroom sink. No matter what you choose, make sure storage costs are included in your financial planning.   

If you are ready to plan a bathroom remodel, Eakman Construction is ready to help. We care about your needs and can help you plan your bathroom remodel to fit your space and your budget. If you are ready to get started or are just looking for a quote, call us today.