Kirkland Residents: Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Try in 2021

Most homeowners embarking on a home makeover or redesign start with the kitchen or living room, but your bathroom is just as important.


Most homeowners embarking on a home makeover or redesign start with the kitchen or living room, but your bathroom is just as important. Creating a stylish, relaxing, and functional bathroom space is a great way to update the look of your home while also making your morning routine that much more enjoyable. If you’re looking to remodel the bathroom this year, here are some ideas you’ve got to try. 

Update Classic Concepts

Subway tile has been a staple of kitchen remodels over the past few years and is a great way to make your bathroom look fresh and modern as well. This year, consider ditching the boring all-white blocks for a more trendy update. Try monochromatic colored subway tile or a black-and-white pattern. These new twists on the classic concept are fresh without being over the top. If you’re feeling bolder, hexagonal subway tile in multiple colors might be the bathroom makeover look you need. 

Patterned wallpaper is another classic bathroom staple that’s back with a twist. Striped patterns can add texture to your bathroom makeover without being too busy. Materials like brass and reclaimed wood never go out of style but are more trendy this year than ever. They add both warmth and refinement to any bathroom space. 

Certain trends seem to be at odds with each other, like polished minimalism and rustic farm chic. But this year, consider combining the elements of different styles you like best to create a look uniquely yours. This includes using different types of tiles together in your flooring or shower. If you really want to embrace 2021’s minimalist-maximalist fusion aesthetic, marble walls, showers, and flooring are on the rise again. 

Decorate with Statement Pieces

While not nearly as time-intensive as a kitchen makeover, remodeling a bathroom can be an involved process. Statement lighting is an easy way to immediately modernize the look of your bathroom. This year, understated sconces are out. Instead, pick out an eye-popping piece that expresses your unique personality. 

It’s important that any statement lighting you pick fits in with the scale and layout of your bathroom. While chandeliers can work in rooms of any size, too big or elaborate a piece can overwhelm your space, making it feel claustrophobic. Concealed lighting, in which the actual sources of light are hidden within the piece itself, is a great solution for a small bathroom. It also emits softer, more flattering light than traditional bulbs. You may also choose integrated lighting, in which no light fixtures are visible at all. 

Statement pieces can dominate your floor space too. In 2021, vintage rugs aren’t just for the living and dining room anymore. Swap out your bathmat for a vintage area rug that creates a cozier or more luxurious feel – as long as you don’t mind getting it wet. 

Bring in Nature

Despite 2021’s love for some dramatic design flourishes, this year is also about incorporating nature into bathroom design. Just because your bathroom is luxurious and modern doesn’t mean it needs to feel sterile. Quite the opposite is true. 

As you plan your bathroom makeover, think about bringing Kirland’s natural landscape indoors. Kirkland’s soft, natural light can bring serenity to any bathroom through privacy windows and skylights. You might also choose to redesign your bathroom with colors that match the landscape outside. Local plants can be incorporated, either as pictures and patterns or growing in a pot or vase. No matter how much you choose to update your bathroom, natural touches will keep it looking timeless and serene.