Is Winter a good time to start building? …Surprisingly, Yes!

Winter can be a great time to start building a home. A few reasons to consider starting your project now include:

1. You can make sure the design process is just right without having to rush through it.

You really don’t need nice weather to design your dream house, but it does take some time. When the window of nice weather is closing in the spring and summer you might be tempted to make quick hasty decision about the design, just to get things moving along. In the winter you can take your time and make sure you don’t make poor choices.

2. You can choose a lot that will be great in Winter as well as Summer.

Custom home builders sometimes see a situation where home owners choose a lot based on summer conditions and then home owners are disappointed in the winter. In the winter you get a chance to assess potential lots at their worst. How does the water run through or does it pool? Will you get any sunlight with the lower winter sun?

3. Contractors are more readily available.

Spring is the busiest time of year for a contractor. It’s the time of year where they dust off their calendars and start laying down the groundwork for the months ahead. If you’re lucky, you can get on their calendars early. If not, you may be at their mercy to schedule a project with only bits of time here and there, paying a premium for every hour they put in. Contractors are slower in the winter months. They often have more time to spend on the “right” job that comes their way. They have more time to think and plan and turn their attention to whatever job is at hand.

4. Get your permits approved faster.

Contractors aren’t the only people operating a little slower in the cold, winter months. You’ll find people at your local government offices are a little less busy. Which means it may take you less time to get all the permits you need to complete the job from beginning to end. And for your major projects, finding an inspector can be a little easier, which means you can move from phase to phase in shorter periods of time.

5. Setting up financing can take some time

Realistically it takes 30 – 60 days to set up financing for new home construction. This timeline is an aspect that many new home construction clients forget. It’s important to consider and if you begin the process in the winter it will likely end up great timing for breaking ground.

6. You can complete many preliminary tasks during winter weather.

There is so much to do before you actually begin digging. Clearing property, excavating, preparing ground and getting utilities set up are all cold weather activities. In Seattle, the rain can make the ground softer and easier to dig. So if you’re putting in a basement, late winter is a great time to get the project started.

At Eakman Construction we have been involved minor to major remodels and custom home building during the winter months, Don’t let the winter months stop you from starting your project today!