Is it Better to Build a New Home or Remodel Your Existing One?

Building a new home might not be for you. On the other hand, you might hate the idea of having to remodel your existing home.

Building a new home might not be for you. On the other hand, you might hate the idea of having to remodel your existing home. It really is a personal choice, but sometimes, it’s hard to make that choice without enough information to guide your decision. Homeownership is very emotional and often, homeowners make decisions based on how they feel right now, instead of focusing on how they will feel about their new home or remodel project in the future. As part of the building and remodeling process in Kirkland, WA, we work with you to ensure that your needs are met now and for the future. To help you decide whether a new build or remodel project is best for you, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of both.

Building a new home is exciting and fun. It’s also a lot of work and can take longer than expected in some cases. However, clients who want new never regret their decisions. Here are the pros and cons of building new.

Pros of Building New

● It’s a fresh start and you get to choose everything about your new home in your own vision

● You can pick a location that suits your budget, lifestyle and family needs

● You get to be part of the design process and every detail is considered

● You get to set the budget (to a point) and work within that budget

Cons of Building New

● It may take longer than expected

● It’s hard to imagine the finished product while making decisions

● The project might go over budget if you start changing your mind about decisions made previously

● You might find you have too much or too little space when the project is done

If building new isn’t for you, you might consider remodeling your existing home. This is a good option for you if you don’t want to leave the neighbourhood you live in, if you like your property or many aspects about your existing house, and if you plan to stay for a long period of time when the remodel is done.

Pros of Remodeling Your Existing Home

● You can pick and choose areas of your home to focus on – one remodel at a time

● You can set the budget and do some of the work yourself

● It’s less time consuming than waiting for an entire house to be built

● You get to stay where you are

Cons of Remodeling Your Existing Home

● You have to live in the mess of renovations

● It may require more time out of the home while big jobs are completed

● Budget can be a concern if it’s tight to begin with

● You might find that you don’t know what you need to fix in order to enjoy your home more

Need Help Deciding? Eakman Construction Can Help

With years of experience in both building and renovating, we can help homeowners like you make informed decisions about the best way to capitalize on the space you have. If area, footprint, and size are important to you, building a new home may be the way to go. If you love where you are, there’s room to grow up, and you can see yourself staying put for several more years, remodeling could be the answer. We’ll help you navigate all the options and provide you with a building or remodeling plan that suits your budget, lifestyle, and goals. Contact us today.