How Important is Design When Remodeling a Home?

Designing and building a new home in Kirkland, WA is no small task. It takes a lot of moving parts, pieces, and people to bring a design on paper into the real world.

Designing and building a new home in Kirkland, WA is no small task. It takes a lot of moving parts, pieces, and people to bring a design on paper into the real world. So when it comes to building your next home, consider how important the designing stage is and don’t be rushed to get to the finished plan before all of your questions have been answered and you are satisifed with how your home will flow, how you will use and interact with the elements, and how you can take advantage of storage for your life and stuff. How important is design when remodeling or building a home? It’s everything.

Good Design Impacts Flow of the Home

You’ll know when you’re in a home that is poorly designed because you’ll be ducking around walls to talk to people, looking for a place to store cups, and struggling to get furniture into the rooms where that furniture should easily fit. Small hallways, tight doors, halfways where halfways shouldn’t be: these are all signs of a poorly designed house. Older homes were designed for families with many children and quiet. Today’s homes are hustling, bustling, wide-open spaces where families interact and do everything together, then retreat to their bedrooms to call it a night. How and where you position things like walls, doorways, and even windows can impact the flow of your home so that you are constantly wondering where to put that piano your grandmother gave you. It just shouldn’t be that way.

Good Design Impacts Storage

Good design is on point when everything you own has a place to call its own. It’s tempting to fill up our spaces or just create more space for our stuff, but you’ll know that you’ve hit the nail on the head with good design when you look around and everything is where it should be. Poorly designed homes have closets where there should be no closets, cupboards where doors should be, and floating islands that don’t seem to serve any real purpose other than to collect more stuff. Clean, uncluttered, and a place for everything is thanks to good design.

Good Design Impacts Usability

If you have a room for “folding laundry” but it’s really your spare family room, you can consider yourself the victim of poor design. Rooms should be designed with purpose in mind. While they can be converted to other things later, when you design a room, it should have a clear purpose at the time of building or remodeling. A room for all the other stuff is just not in the cards. A properly designed home will ensure that your home is being used to its potential and leaves room for growth over time, without causing you to have to call a room, “the laundry folding room.”

Eakman Construction Can Help You Design a Home That’s Right for You

Whether you want to remodel your existing home or start from scratch and build a home from the ground up, the design process can make or break your final result. Ensuring that homeowners understand what good design can do for their plans means working with them every step of the way and informing decisions that will provide the result you want. Contact Eakman Construction to set up a 30-minute consult call and learn more about how to design a home you’ll love for years to come.