How Hiring a Contractor Can Actually Help Keep Your Renovation Costs Down

Lots of people remodel their homes. Some do it themselves, while others hire professionals. As you start to think about home improvements, you may consider hiring a contractor – but that’s really expensive, right?

Lots of people remodel their homes.  Some do it themselves, while others hire professionals.  As you start to think about home improvements, you may consider hiring a contractor – but that’s really expensive, right?  Actually, a general contractor may help keep your renovation costs down.  Here’s why.


While you may know what you want your home to look like, a contractor can actually make it happen.  They have a lot of experience doing renovation work and the expertise to get it done right.  DIY-ing it is fine for small projects, but hiring a general contractor is advised for large changes.  They know what they are doing.  This means everything from using the correct materials and tools to doing things in the right order.  You can find out how to do basically anything online, but there’s nothing like real-life experience to make someone an expert.

Save money on materials

The average person doesn’t know how much it should cost to redo all the drywall in a house or add a back deck.  A contractor knows how much materials cost, so they can help you plan an accurate budget.  If you have a good contractor, you will know how much money you’ll be spending from the start.  Sure, there may be issues that come up and end up costing more, but the underlying budget will be much more accurate than if you as the homeowner guessed how much everything would cost.

A general contractor also has contacts within the construction industry.  This means that they can get insider prices and discounts on things like wood, tile, screws, and more.  They also know what a good price for a material is.  That way you won’t get ripped off by spending too much on a specific countertop or flooring that you like.  Be sure to shop around and ask your contractor if a price is fair before buying.

Less time, less stress

Doing home improvements yourself is stressful and time-consuming.  You are working on something you are not an expert in during your free time.  This means less time to work and to relax.  A contractor’s job is to renovate your home.  It isn’t extra work stacked up on their regular job like it is for you.  A general contractor can work on your home every day, which means it will be finished much faster than if you just squeeze in renovation time on the weekends.  No one likes living in a construction zone, and hiring a contractor can help minimize that time.


Most states require contractors to carry their own insurance.  This means that if they or anyone else working on home improvements gets injured, it’s covered.  Working on renovations with just your friends can be dangerous.  There is always a chance someone will get hurt when power tools are involved, and you aren’t covered the way a general contractor would be.  This can lead to expensive medical bills, not being able to work, and more.  Keep everyone safe and protected by hiring professionals, including a contractor who is licensed and insured.

Need a general contractor?

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