Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Summer might be just ending, but our clients are already thinking about how much work they can get done before the holiday season hits in December.

Summer might be just ending, but our clients are already thinking about how much work they can get done before the holiday season hits in December. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, there’s something magical about that time of year that makes everyone want to spend money to make their homes warm, cozy, and comfortable. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for luxury home remodeling companies in Kirkland, WA – and we should know! Every year, we work hard to finish projects in time for the holidays so our clients can enjoy their new home renovation projects with their family and friends. If you are thinking about upgrading your home before the holidays, here are a few things you should know to make the most of the time that is left in 2019.

Book your consultation now.

Sure, the holidays are nearly three months away, but the closer they get, the harder it is going to be to lock in a consult meeting with any home remodeling company, let alone a highly-respected one like Eakman Construction. You might not be planning to renovate your home in the next three months, but now is the time to start the conversation for 2020 to make sure you are on the list of projects to be completed. The sooner you call, the sooner you can find out how much your remodeling project will cost and we can give you an accurate timeline for when it can be completed. Once you have that information, you can decide to move forward or wait until the new year. But until you have that information, your home remodeling project is just an idea and we want to make sure your ideas come to life.

Have your calendar ready.

Despite the lead up to the holidays being one of the busiest times of the year, many homeowners aren’t thinking about how long it takes to complete an addition or remodeling project and start off the project with conflicts in their calendar right away. For example, if you are planning a kitchen renovation, but plan to host several parties over the holidays, you might want to ask a friend to host them instead. While we strive to deliver home remodeling projects on time, weather, unforeseen circumstances, and even delays in shipping of materials can all cause a project to scream to a halt without the hope of finishing on time. It happens. We’re very upfront with our clients about the risks as the weather gets colder and the calendar days get shorter. We’ll work with you to ensure your project can be completed in a timely manner, but there’s no guarantee that your new kitchen or bath will be ready for your party on December 18th. Plan for alternative arrangements and be ready to go with the flow.

Consider the budget for your renovation this time of year.

Money is a factor in every home remodeling project in Kirkland, WA. Whether you want to invest $20,000 or $200,000 in your home before the holidays, you don’t want to leave yourself short on the other end. Working with the professionals at Eakman Construction, we can provide you with a written quote that we’ll stand by to ensure that your budget doesn’t get thrown out due to delays or product issues. We’ll make sure your project comes in on budget – we work hard to make sure you have access to multiple options for finishes, layouts, function and more.

For more information about how you can get your home holiday ready with a remodeling project by Eakman Construction, contact us today. We’re here to help make sure your home remodeling project in Kirkland, WA is as you imagined and that you are cozy, comfortable, and warm in your new home for the holidays.