Five Reasons to Avoid a DIY Home Remodel

Home renovation shows on television have greatly distort the reality of what a home makeover or renovation looks like.

Home renovation shows on television have greatly distort the reality of what a home makeover or renovation looks like. In one half hour, a house can be transformed and presented back to the homeowners with very little attention paid to what went wrong. What’s more, DIY home renovation shows perpetuate that every home reno project works out and if you try hard enough, you can do it. In real life, that’s not how these things work and more often than not, homeowners get tired of the energy, expense, and effort it takes to execute a home renovation. At Eakman Construction, we’ve stepped in a time or two to help homeowners finish what they started, so here’s why we think you should avoid a DIY home remodel and call us right from the start.

You’ll go over budget.

Even the most careful plans tend to get blown out of proportion by quick trips to the hardware store to get this and get that. Every home renovation project turns into something bigger than anticipated. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your budget is enough as it is. Always add more than you think you’ll need. Working with a professional home renovation company can help keep your budget under wraps.

You’ll run out of time.

If you are trying to get your renovation done for a special occasion or by a certain date, you can bet that there will be unforeseen circumstances that are going to cause your timeline to get thrown out. Many aspects of home renovations take longer than homeowners anticipate; even the time it takes for paint to dry can really throw off your timeline.

You’ll hit brick walls…maybe literally.

If you are taking on a big home reno project and plan to remove walls, you might find that your experience might yield some unexpected results. Removing walls usually means having to move electrical wiring, possibly plumbing, or even other walls – some walls are just covered up in older homes and provide much-needed structural support.

You’ll fret over details.

When you tackle a home renovation project on your own, you might be tempted to take your time making decisions about paint, finishes, cupboards, flooring, or even how you’ll arrange your furniture. These decisions can cost you a lot of time you don’t have and prevent your project from getting finished.

You’ll get tired of living in the mess.  

Home renovations that might not have an end date in sight can get tiring and cause a lot of frustration for you and your family. Hiring a professional construction company an help keep your home renovation moving along and ensure that the mess is contained.

Eakman Construction can help you keep your construction project on task and on budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your home renovation a reality.