Eco-friendly Renovations in Seattle, WA

The construction industry has its part to play in ensuring that we take care of our planet.

Going green is a movement that will surely stand the test of time. The more we know about materials and their impact on the environment, the more prone we are to doing something about it. The construction industry has its part to play in ensuring that we take care of our planet. Providing homeowners with eco-friendly options, weatherproofing, and insulting, for example, offers homeowners a chance to save money and do their part in keeping their remodels green.

Why Invest in Eco-products

Investing in eco-friendly products is important for many reasons. First, eco-friendly products are usually made of higher quality materials that don’t require a lot of upkeep. They offer homeowners an alternative source of heating, lighting, decking and more. Virtually every aspect of a home can be made “greener” with the application of eco-friendly products, right down to the paint we put on your walls. Traditionally, eco products are more expensive than mass-marketed construction materials, which homeowners automatically decline, but for those who are invested in doing their part to keep the planet healthy, we offer many solutions such as recycling flooring materials, ventilation systems, eco-friendly appliance packages, low-voltage lighting, and more.

Return on your Investment

What might seem like a lot of money up front will surely come back to provide a substantial return on your investment. Decking products, for example, need to be painted or stained every few years, but new composite decking is ready made and ready to go, requiring no maintenance. That means reducing the need for productions of harmful chemicals, VOCs and more. Paying a premium to insulate your home in an eco-friendly product that is hidden behind closed walls might not seem like the best investment, but during colder, wet months, you’ll save on the cost of heating. What’s more, you may be eligible for programs that provide some financial assistance to reimburse the cost of more expensive eco-friendly products. Installing a heat pump, for example, provides lower costs of heating and cooling your home, and you may be eligible for assistance to install the heat pump.

Working with an Eco-friendly Contractor

Eakman Construction is proud to offer eco-friendly products on a variety of projects. As luxury home remodelers in Kirkland, WA, we know that it’s important for homeowners to consider the impact of their construction projects. Whether residential or commercial, we have an obligation to protect the environment. We are working hard to do our part to ensure that construction materials don’t end up in landfills. In addition to taking on your remodel, Eakman Construction can offer you advice on how to keep your home eco-friendly, including choosing energy efficient appliances, sustainable flooring, cross ventilation, using recycled materials, water filtration systems, and more. What you’ll find about working with eco-friendly products is that they are designed to last. You won’t be replacing your flooring every few years, no need to paint on a regular basis, and your furniture will stand the test of time. So when you are ready to remodel, consider infusing eco-friendly aspects into your project to ensure the protection of our planet and to beautify your home in a sustainable way.

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