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22 Oct: 10 Design Trends That Can “Spruce” Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be overlooked and forgotten simply because it is used all of the time. The need for a remodel can be overshadowed by the breakfast and dinner bustles. It is also overwhelming to think about taking a room that is used so often and putting the daily activities that occur there on pause for as long as it will take to fix it up.
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15 Oct: Basement Remodel: How To Utilize Your Space

A basement can tend to be forgotten and misused. People often throw stuff in the basement if they are unsure what to do with it. It is also easy to leave the basement unfinished and stop maintaining it. The sad thing is that the basement can have a lot of square footage that can be utilized for a lot of different things.
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17 Sep: 5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes

When it comes to home improvements, there is a lot to work with. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the scope of the renovations and miss important things. Staying organized and having a plan are key when remodeling. Here are five home renovation mistakes you want to avoid.