Alair Kirkland A New Beginning
We are thrilled to announce that Eakman Construction is joining the largest and most exclusive network of custom home builders and renovators in North America. Eakman Construction is proud to now be Alair Kirkland!

We are thrilled to announce that Eakman Construction is joining the largest and most exclusive network of custom home builders and renovators in North America. Eakman Construction is proud to now be Alair Kirkland! We are so excited about what this strategic partnership means for us as a business, for our teams, and for our valued clients. Joining the Alair Homes franchise group will allow us to scale sustainably, while maintaining our same company values, client focus, and quality of work.

Keep reading to learn about what this new beginning means for us and what you can expect as an Eakman Construction client moving forward.

About Alair Homes

You may be wondering… who is Alair? Alair Homes is the largest premium custom home building and large-scale remodeling company in the world. Founded back in 2007 by Blair McDaniel, Alair began as four independent builders and remodelers coming together, in order to share their resources and expertise under one structure. They started to recognize the benefits of running a franchise, where like-minded groups of people could combine their resources to develop standard practices and scale their respective businesses without sacrificing autonomy.

However – they did not have just any type of home building or remodeling company in mind for this franchise. They desired to work with established companies, already successful in their own right, that had values and a culture that aligned with their own. The number one value being putting people and relationships first.

Today, the core purpose of Alair is to “bring together the leading custom builders and remodelers across North America under one team and one vision.” Meaning partnering with Alair Homes allows companies like ours the opportunity to expand and scale without sacrificing our values, processes, or freedoms.

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Eakman and Alair: A Seamless Partnership

So how did Alair Kirkland come to be? It was all very seamless from the start. Our founder, Stacy Eakman, was approached by Shane Duff, Director of Market Development for Alair Homes. Shane had seen an Eakman Construction project while working with a local Sotheby’s office. After visiting Eakman’s website, he immediately saw the alignment in our mission statement and core values. From there, he dug further into what kind of company we were and where Alair could potentially take us.

What was later confirmed, was that Stacy’s values, vision, and leadership style were exactly what Alair was looking for. When a legacy company already believes in the same values as the franchise group, it means that they are likely very aligned in their vision for what building a great company really requires. Additionally, Eakman’s approach to home building was almost a mirror image of Alair’s. Again confirming that Eakman would be a great fit for Alair’s processes and network of like-minded builders and remodelers across North America. It was evident to Shane that Stacy valued his teams and clients and was highly regarded as a leader within his local Kirkland community.

These aspects are what have continuously set Eakman apart from other builders and remodelers in the Pacific Northwest, and it was not overlooked by Alair. After much consideration and scrutiny, Stacy came to the decision that partnering with the Alair Homes franchise group was the right next step for the company and team behind it.

This is not a decision that was made lightly – our founder Stacy Eakman, and our entire team have the utmost pride in what they’ve built thus far. It all came down to how we could make a greater impact in our community and grow our business without sacrificing the values that make us who we are. The answer was soon evident – by becoming Alair Kirkland.

In celebration of this exciting milestone and what is to come in the future, here are some thoughts from our founder, Stacy Eakman:

Stacy Eakman

“I am eager to be able to change the way people feel about residential construction companies. It is exciting to know that our amazing clients no longer must make what is probably the biggest financial decision of their lives based on one or two meetings and a gut feeling. Finally, we can bring a standardardized process to the custom home building and large-scale renovation space. Every custom home is different, but that doesn’t mean the process of getting there needs to be. Alair Kirkland is the first company of its kind in the PNW, and we are absolutely thrilled to show clients that there is such a thing as consistency in residential construction.”

We are confident that this new strategic partnership will only enhance our ability to provide outstanding value and service for each of our clients. As an existing Eakman client – almost nothing about working with us will change. The main difference is that we will be opening more locations and scaling across the Pacific Northwest – maybe you’ll see us in your neighborhood soon!

With access to more resources than ever before, we can now confidently say that you will receive an even better client experience when working with us, including increased communication, transparency, and accessibility. You can count on that same white glove service and quality of work you get with Eakman to carry over seamlessly to our new beginning as Alair Kirkland..


We can’t wait to be the first-ever Alair location in the Pacific Northwest!
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