5 Tips to Transform Your Porch Into an Outdoor Oasis in Seattle

Having an outdoor living space doesn’t just increase the value of our homes, it improves our lives as well.


Having an outdoor living space doesn’t just increase the value of our homes, it improves our lives as well. It’s important, especially in our current climate, to have outdoor spaces where we can come to rest, relax, and take in the sun. Imagine having a porch that is a peaceful extension of your home. These front porch ideas just might inspire the entire family to leave their devices and step outside. 

The following five porch ideas may be the key to creating a comfortable and welcoming outdoor oasis for your home. 

1.Add Color with Perennials

The first and most affordable step in building a beautiful oasis is adding flowers. Start your garden by planting large containers of perennials around your porch. They are long-lasting and come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They will bloom for you every spring and require minimal maintenance. 

2.Light Up the Night

Lighting adds ambiance and means you don’t have to go in when the sun goes down. Well-planned lights ensure you can enjoy those long summer nights. Lighting is both affordable and decorative. 

What kind of lighting is best for a porch oasis? This choice is more about taste. Solar lights are a fun and energy-saving way to light up any porch. They come in several shapes and sizes. Their versatility makes them an impressive addition to any porch design. String lights to illuminate the ceiling or candles for natural light are also great ways to add a little light to your night. 

3.Introduce a Heating Element

In summer or fall, nights in Seattle can be chilly. Outdoor fire pits are the perfect answer to heat your evenings and they aren’t just for the backyard.

A gas fire pit is the perfect way to heat a porch. There are many choices to choose from when trying to fit your porch design. You can even find dual-purpose fire pits that offer tabletops for you and your guests to set drinks on.

4.Choose a Screen Planter to Add Privacy

If you are missing privacy in your current porch design, a screen planter is just the thing to bring your porch oasis to life. Although any kind of wall would do, you don’t want to feel closed in. Choosing a screen made of plants is unique and will make your oasis complete. It may also give the illusion that your porch is bigger and fuller than it is.  

Vines wrapped around and through a trellis or a post creates a more natural screen. Magnolia can be a popular vine of choice if your porches get a lot of sun. Variegated dogwood is best for a porch receiving more shade. 

Plants are an important addition to any new porch design. It gives your porch life and vibrancy. The Seattle Times quoted Culp, of Urban Oasis stating, “Plants are probably a bigger part of that than people realize.”

5.Keep Key Pieces Neutral

Front porch ideas start with key pieces of furniture, specifically seating and a table. Depending on the size of your porch, you may look for a table with stools, benches, or full sectionals. Be sure to keep the northern weather in mind. In Seattle, you will need pieces made with rain resistance or from recycled plastic. Keeping the key pieces neutral allows you to change up your decor each year with new bright throw pillows or other accent pieces. 

Are you ready to make those porch ideas a reality? Eakman Construction is ready to help make your dreams a reality. Call today for a quote or to schedule a time to get started.