5 Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Home Remodel in Seattle

Once you’ve decided to start a home remodel, it can be one of the most exciting projects you undertake.


Once you’ve decided to start a home remodel, it can be one of the most exciting projects you undertake. This will not only increase the value of your home but make it more functional, comfortable, and stylish. Many homeowners find this a daunting task, but with the right plan and a trustworthy contractor, it can be a stress-free experience that will leave you with the house of your dreams.

These 5 tips will help you throughout the process from design to completion and make home remodeling a positive experience–instead of a headache.

Define a Realistic Timeline with a Professional Contractor

Consult with a local builder or contractor to develop a scope for your project and a schedule for how long it may take to complete. A critical consideration for this is to maintain realistic expectations for completion and expect delays caused by unforeseen issues: material supply problems, labor unavailability, inclement weather, and more.

A schedule is a roadmap, not a guarantee. By working with a trusted local builder, you can keep open lines of communication to maintain project deadlines and a successful home remodel.

Home remodeling contractors are experienced with solving issues that can be found that weren’t anticipated in the initial scope, and depending on the age of your existing home, additional repairs may be required.

Work with Your Builder to Create a Thoughtful Design

In the initial phase of your home remodel planning, it can be enticing to develop ideas that may be impractical or outside of your anticipated budget. By collaborating with a builder in the early stages of your remodel plan, you can create a plan that meets your desires, needs, and budget.

Builders are experienced and knowledgeable, and they can design a concept to make your existing home more functional, stylish, and comfortable. Also, professional contractors are familiar with local ordinances, permitting processes, and hiring licensed, bonded sub-contractors.

Try to Plan Your Home Remodel During Months with Less Rain or Snow

The ideal time for a renovation or remodel in the summer as you will experience fewer delays caused by rain, sleet, or snow. That said, most homeowners are attempting to complete their renovation or remodel during these months, so materials and labor can be in higher demand, creating higher costs. 

Contractors can also be overworked during this time, so consider working with your builder on their availability. This can make spring and fall attractive options for renovation projects if you aren’t in a rush to complete your home remodel. This also presents the opportunity to plan during the summer months and kick off your project as others wrap up.

Try to Minimize Surprises from the Beginning

Renovation and remodeling projects can be complex, but you can minimize surprises with the proper forecasting and expectations. Delays and other breakdowns can increase expenses and push the completion of your project, so try to anticipate issues that may arise: unexpected issues in mechanical systems, plumbing, foundation issues, and more.

Perform your due diligence before you break ground to reduce unanticipated issues and stay on track from day one.

Create an Honest Budget and Prioritize Projects

Prioritize your home remodel projects and develop an honest budget based on current material costs and the scope of your job. If you spend most of your time in the living room and kitchen, renovating these spaces before bedrooms and bathrooms makes more sense. Explore your daily habits and work with your builder to make your house more functional and stylish.

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