5 Must-Do Improvements to Sell Your Home for a Higher Price in Seattle

Are you planning on selling your home soon? Make sure that it’s in “show-ready” condition first.


Are you planning on selling your home soon? Make sure that it’s in “show-ready” condition first. Investing in home improvement projects can make your home more attractive in a competitive market, especially in online listings. Better yet, these investments can dramatically boost resale values. 

When it comes to selling your home, even a small home renovation can pay off big. Here are the top 5 must-do home improvement projects that offer excellent return on investment. 

Invest in Curb Appeal

One area most homeowners overlook for renovations is curb appeal. The front of the house is the first thing people see when driving, walking, or biking past the house. A well-maintained lawn and a fresh coat of paint on the front door are all simple home improvements that can pay off big. 

Your first impressions are your last, so make sure you leave a good one. Remember, those home improvements don’t have to be big to make a big difference. Even minor improvements and renovations can pay off big when you make a sale.

Update Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

When it comes to selling your home, many people think that if they paint the walls and fix up the yard, they’ll make a killing. While it’s true that those things can make a big difference, it’s not what you’d expect. 

According to real estate brokerage Redfin, making updates to your kitchen and bathrooms can make a more significant difference when you sell. Remodels in these rooms can seem intimidating or pricey, but you don’t always have to order floor-to-ceiling remodels. Slight home remodeling can go a long way. Give your kitchen a facelift by painting the cabinets, replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers, and installing new flooring or countertops. 

When it comes to your bathroom, updating the sink and faucet, fixing up the tile work, and replacing old light fixtures can go a long way. These are all things you can do on your own and make a difference that could help you get more for your home.

Add Some Spice to Your Living Room

Staging your home is an essential step before hosting potential buyers. Staging refers to designing your house to look neat, attractive, and just impersonal enough that shoppers can visualize themselves living there. This is particularly effective in the living room.

This is likely the room people will see first when they walk into your home, and the last room they will see as they leave. You want to make sure that people are in awe of your home. Add some unique art, occasional decor like throw pillows, and even a live plant to spice up the living room.


According to Opendoor.com, adding living space can increase your home by 5.3% on average. In most markets, bedrooms add more value, while in others, larger living spaces do the trick, or having an additional room creates a higher value.

Square footage is a major factor in determining a house’s value, but other equally important factors come into play. Many realtors help their clients compare homes that are similar in style and upgrades by considering the price per square foot of the residence. Larger homes often command higher values. Even if an appraiser doesn’t refer to the full extent of how many additional square feet it takes up, a buyer will generally most likely take that as fact. 

Adding another room is often the easiest way to make your house bigger, but there are other ways to enlarge, such as finishing off the basement or building a deck out back.

Make It Smarter

Smart technology is quickly becoming the top priority of potential home buyers, according to Coldwell Banker’s 2018 survey. This includes convenience tech like smart lighting and built-in smartphone charging pads, but also safety features.

High-tech devices now take center stage not only in people’s homes, but also in their day-to-day lives. More and more, homeowners are opting to use smart devices as they have become an integral part of keeping one’s home safe and protected – no matter where they happen to be. 

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value with Eakman Construction

We hope these tips can help you make your house more sellable in the Seattle area. It’s no secret that as home prices continue to rise in Seattle, so does the competition to sell yours. If you want to sell your home for a higher price, make sure you are doing all you can to make it a home buyer’s dream. Call Eakman Construction today to learn more about renovation projects that can increase your house’s resale value.