5 Ideas to Create a Small but Efficient Laundry Area in Kirkland

Laundry rooms are often a room we try to hide. They are disorganized; the space is limited and dirty clothes are everywhere.


Laundry rooms are often a room we try to hide. They are disorganized; the space is limited and dirty clothes are everywhere. They are often the last place we consider remodeling or decorating, especially when they’re already small. 

Take the time to re-evaluate the space you have in your laundry room and come up with some laundry room ideas to improve the space. It doesn’t have to be the one place in the house you hide when company comes over. It may also encourage other family members to do their chores.   

Here are five ideas to take your laundry room from dark, drab, and dirty to a room that is efficient and pleasing to look at. 

1.Hide the Laundry Room When Not in Use

If you have a laundry room inconveniently placed in a niche on a long hall, it may be difficult to come up with laundry room decor ideas. These spaces are often small, open, and offer little working or storage space. 

There are a few different ways to hide this type of laundry room, with the simplest being a decorative curtain. Curtains are not only affordable, but they also offer versatility and efficiency. Two-panel sliding doors are another option. They are simple, easy to use, and can easily be painted to match the surrounding wall. If you are looking for something more elaborate, a sliding barn door is a nice accent piece that is also useful.   

2.Stack Your Laundry Room Up

There are small laundry rooms and then there is your laundry room. You may not be sure how to fit a washer and dryer in the space you’ve been given, let alone anything else. The best choice in this situation is a stackable washer and dryer. They are compact and efficient. You may even have enough room to add some simple shelves, running floor to ceiling, for camping or extra linen storage. The laundry room decor ideas can become reality when you stack up.

3.Front-loading Machines Are Key 

When coming up with small laundry room ideas, front-loading machines should be on the top of your list. You can add shelves directly above them or store things on them. There are also several stylish choices offering an instant update to your room. 

4.Open Storage

Open and spacious cabinets are a perfect addition to small laundry rooms. They provide easier access to your everyday items. There are many styles to choose from and mixing them up can add an interesting feel to the space. If you do not like closed cabinetry, you could choose to keep a couple of shelves open to hold everyday items. Either way, open shelving gives the illusion that a smaller space is bigger than it is.  

5.Go Bright

A new paint palette will do wonders on a small drab space and should be on your laundry room to-do list. Don’t just choose any color, though, when working with a small space. You will want to choose something bright. Bright colors will change how the room feels. If you opt for a more neutral palette, adding a small pop of color to accent pieces can still give new life to the room.

Don’t care for paint? Print could be the perfect fit. In a small room, it won’t be overwhelming. With many choices, you can find the right match for your laundry room.   

Do you have some small laundry room ideas you are ready to make happen? Eakman Construction cares about your needs and is ready to help make your ideas a reality. Call and schedule an appointment today.