5 Design Features That Can Increase Your Home’s Value In Seattle

There are many aesthetic and architectural design features of your home that you can utilize to increase your home’s value.


There are many aesthetic and architectural design features of your home that you can utilize to increase your home’s value. Eakman Construction specializes in providing expertise regarding home design ideas. Our end goal is to make your home both a more comfortable and more profitable living area. Understanding the latest market trends and capitalizing on them is key when it comes to increasing your home’s value. Do you live in Seattle and hope to make your home a more profitable asset? Here’s how!

1.Kitchen Remodeling

According to a recent study, homeowners spend upwards of 37 minutes of their daily lives in their kitchens. One thing to consider is the prospective buyer of your renovated home. Some people cook at home more than others and therefore require a more modern and updated kitchen design. Interior design ideas don’t just include updated appliances; they also include the overall feel of the room being occupied. 

Homeowners can expect to gain up to 81.6% of their investment in terms of kitchen remodeling, according to Remodeling Magazine. Some interior design ideas for home kitchens include installing new cabinets, islands, countertops, drawers, and hardware. Consider choosing a paint color that will give the kitchen a more modern feel.

2.Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom should feel comfortable and relaxed while using the restroom or cleaning yourself up. Many prospective buyers consider the state of bathrooms, especially the state of the shower and additional fixtures, a major selling point when purchasing a home. Homeowners who invest in bathroom remodeling may recoup up to 93.5% of the cost, making bathroom remodeling a key aspect of any homeowner’s interior design plans.

3.Attic/Basement Remodeling

Finished attics and basements make great spaces for storage and man caves (that’s right, dads), but there are other ideas for interior design for these spaces that could increase the market value of your home.

When creating a listing for houses on the open market, finished floor space has a direct impact on the estimated retail price of your home. A finished attic or basement could be critical in generating a higher selling price for your home. 

According to research done by Curbed Seattle blog writer Sarah Anne Lloyd, a home’s price per square foot in Seattle ranges anywhere from $185 to $2,408, with an average price per square foot being $437 in downtown Seattle. If your home is a total of 3,600 square feet, with 600 square feet of unfinished basement space downtown, you could potentially be missing out on $262,200. Your interior design ideas for home renovation should definitely include finishing an unfinished basement or attic.

4.Add a Deck/Porch

Potential buyers love the idea of having an outdoor recreational space. Adding a deck/porch will also increase the estimated square footage of your home, thus providing you with a heftier profit when listing your home on the market.

5.Raise Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see. It stands to reason that the exterior of your home looks just as lavish as the interior. Drawing attention is a key factor when influencing prospects to buy. There is a reason behind the phrase “love at first sight.”

Consult the Experts! 

At Eakman Construction, our goal is to work with the custom design ideas of the homeowner and make their dreams become a reality. Making your home a more profitable asset while considering your budget is both a fun and easy process when working with construction experts. 

Eakman Construction has been servicing homeowner’s needs in the Seattle area for years. Our expertise in home design is sure to provide you with a renovation experience that is above and beyond your expectations, all while increasing your home’s value. Contact Eakman Construction today for a consultation!