10 Must-Avoid Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Should Know

Bathrooms serve as one of the most essential parts of a household, and should always provide a level of comfort and solitude given the hectic lifestyles of homeowners.


Bathrooms serve as one of the most essential parts of a household, and should always provide a level of comfort and solitude given the hectic lifestyles of homeowners. No one wants to spend their time in the restroom feeling uncomfortable in a non-aesthetically pleasing environment. This is why it’s imperative to properly plan out your restroom remodel to ensure that your bathroom serves as a means for comfort rather than discomfort.

Homeowners undoubtedly seek to test the limits of modern trends in order to create a restroom that isn’t just pleasing for them, but for family and guests as well. With this in mind, there are many critical things to avoid when doing a bathroom remodel. Sometimes, following trends can result in more inconveniences than benefits that make using the restroom less practical. After all, your lavatory only serves a handful of purposes.

All of that being said, a bathroom remodel shouldn’t be adding stress to your life. Follow along as we go over the ten must-avoid bathroom remodeling mistakes that you should keep into account when remodeling a bathroom.

1. Floating Sinks

Floating sinks demand a significant amount of space during a bathroom remodel, and can prove to be extremely impractical once the job is done. Although these kinds of sinks are desirable for many regarding their form, they are exclusively suited for master baths. Ultimately, any rise in water pressure is going to result in more water ending up on your shirt than in your hands. No one wants that!


2. Hanging Chandeliers

These bulky fixtures don’t just cause headaches for your taller guests, they have also given way to light and defined fixtures like drop lights, which have an ethereal glow. These light fixtures not only take up considerably less space, they also create an amazing impact with defined elements in your bathroom.


3. Carved Mirrors

These mirrors are cleaning nightmares. Carved mirrors bear countless nooks and corners that serve as easy prey for dust and debris that is often near impossible to get out. With the onset of minimalistic design ensuing, it’s best to leave this style where it belongs–in the past!


4. Garden Tubs

Tubs are bulky, heavy, and a reminder that you are sitting in your own dirt. Tubs as a whole take up a monumental amount of space in bathrooms, and undermine any attempt at remodeling a bathroom for a more modern and chic design. Don’t ever let a giant tub dictate the space that you have to work with during your bathroom remodel.


5. Moroccan Tiles

While it’s acceptable to use these tiles sparingly, an all-out moroccan tile design doesn’t offer color variety or vibrancy. It’s best to leave this outdated trend where it belongs, and try something new like antique terra cotta tiles.

6. White Marble

The monotony of white bathroom layouts is something that needs to be shattered. You’re remodeling a bathroom, your bathroom! So, make it your own! Many people feel confined to working with white marble, when in reality there are so many other options out there that can bring your bathroom to life.

7. No Air Flow

For obvious reasons, you’ll want direct access to airflow in your restroom. During your bathroom remodel, consider installing a vent or a window to better circulate the air. Your guests may thank you!

8. Planning Big

More money, more problems. Not only are giant bathroom expansions and remodels costly, they also present many potential problems that you and your contractor may run into during the bathroom remodeling process. Keep it small, keep it minimal, and keep it you!

9. Toilets – Front & Center?

In an emergency it can be a relief to burst into the bathroom and find the toilet only inches away. But, we’ve all been toilet trained (hopefully). Considering that bathroom remodels are meant to make your restroom more modern, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s best to keep an open design that shows off the beauty of the room, rather than the presence of your toilet.

10. The Big One

Do not lay carpet in your bathroom. It’s an understatement to say that this trend is dead. Carpet in the bathroom is a breeding ground for mold and foul smells. Keep it modern, keep it classy, and keep it practical. No restroom should ever have carpet, you’ll thank yourself later.

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