10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Do Home Renovations Like a Pro

Does your home need a makeover? You just need some home design ideas and renovated home inspiration! Renovations can be a long and costly process, but with Eakman Construction, it doesn’t have to be.


Does your home need a makeover? You just need some home design ideas and renovated home inspiration! Renovations can be a long and costly process, but with Eakman Construction, it doesn’t have to be. Our mission is to make that process fast, easy, and affordable, all while producing your desired outcome. Now is the time to get inspired and take action! Turn your home back into the piece of property you fell in love with at first sight!

Get Inspired!

Every journey begins with a single step, but sometimes people need an encouraging push. Here are the ten most inspiring Instagram accounts for home remodeling that will have you excited about making your home shine again!


The inspirational style of Sherry and John of YoungHouseLove establishes a feeling of comfort that transports you to your most memorable in-home childhood experiences. Their conventional style paired with their expertise in remodeling makes for pictures that bring us back to the memories we forged in our parents’ kitchens, pools, living rooms, and playrooms.


Jenny Komenda manages to uphold the classical family vibe of a home while transforming it into a professional sanctum. Jenny’s use of modern colors and themes creates a sense of having both feet cemented in the here and now.


Chris and Julia do a phenomenal job of taking the enormous spaces of upper-class abodes and filling them with family-oriented furniture that makes you feel secure. Their camaraderie and compatibility are on full display in the images they post, which creates a sense of luxury living all while having a sense of gratitude and appreciation.


Michigan natives Kim and Scott highlight the perspective of young adults who fall in love with their property and create a modernized and comfortable look to remind themselves of their hard work. They remind us that renovating a home should be a fun and memorable process that will not fade with time.


Sarah Gibson believes that your home should be a place that warms both your heart and the heart(s) of your furry friends! Her style reminds young adults that your home design stands as a testament to all of your blood, sweat, and tears. Her style is truly unique and could define what the next phase of modernization truly is.


Philip reminds us all that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. As a strong advocate in DIY (doing it yourself), Philip makes renovating million-dollar homes look easy. Luckily, if you aren’t a fan of DIY, many companies would gladly transform your living area from worn to reborn!


Jennifer Gizzi is a role model for women everywhere. She combines her personal experiences as a mother with her style of renovation and the results are beautiful contemporary homes with immediate appeal.


Ashley has done the majority of her renovations while expecting her first child with her husband. She recently gave birth to a girl, Margot, and that hasn’t slowed her down from renovating homes into family-style spaces that glow as a result of her hard work. She is an inspiration to moms everywhere to take action and never let anything hold you back!


Hannah and her border terrier Doug enjoy a challenge! They currently reside in a half-finished 1930’s renovation home that they are taking to the next level. Hannah is tactful in her renovations and has transformed her near century-old home into a modernized piece of art.


Kate draws her inspiration from her daughter and her loving husband, Joey. Her work is a prime example of how love can turn anything into a blossoming product of determination. With a family-oriented approach and a modern palette, Kate makes renovations look like a haven for memories.

Feeling Inspired?

These individuals and couples make no excuses when it comes to creating a home that families can enjoy. You have the power to create the home you’ve always dreamed of! Eakman Construction stands with homeowners in providing them with the renovations that will change their living experience forever. Our residential work is a testament to our commitment to satisfying our local homeowners. Contact us today for a consultation!