10 Features that Are a Must-Have in Contemporary Home Designs

Updating your home with contemporary furniture and home remodeling projects not only increases its value, but makes your home more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


Updating your home with contemporary furniture and home remodeling projects not only increases its value, but makes your home more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Contemporary home design blends thoughtful finishes and elements to transform your space inside and out. 

Home improvements can include minor improvements or significant projects to reflect your unique vision and style tastes. If you’re interested in modernizing, here are 10 features that are essential to contemporary home design. 

Asymmetrical Facades and Unique Exterior Designs

Traditional architecture like Georgian and Colonial homes rely on symmetrical features and precise window placement. Contemporary house designs often eschew this aspect in favor of irregular, asymmetrical facades and exterior features. This creates a visually stimulating effect and allows you to build with unique materials.

Geometric Shapes and Visually Interesting Components

Unusual shapes and lines create implied movement, defining contemporary home designs with strong features. Unique configurations of angles and slopes draw the eye. Jutting roof lines and intersecting planes can create stimulating elements that are a cornerstone of contemporary home designs.

Large Windows and Natural Lighting Features

Similar to the asymmetrical features tip, large windows in unique shapes are another essential feature of contemporary homes. These allow tons of natural light in the home and create another point of interest. Windows can be enlarged during a contemporary home remodel, and accents like skylights can also be installed.

Open Floor Plans and Spaces

Open floor plans are one of the key characteristics of contemporary home designs. They create flow without sacrificing function. These distinct layouts utilize chiefly load-bearing walls and create alternative layouts, defining spaces and creating connections in stunning ways. Meanwhile, rooms can incorporate outdoor elements indoors.

Ecological and Green Features

A new focus on sustainability and green design is an essential component of contemporary home designs and should be key to your home remodel. The primary ecological features today are the use of solar panels and rain collection systems for lawn watering.

Smart Technology Throughout the Home

Advances in home automation technology have enabled homeowners to remotely control numerous parts of their home, from temperature control to lighting. These systems are an essential part of every contemporary home design.

Hardscaping and Landscaping

A backyard oasis is one of the most important parts of a contemporary home and can create a whole new living space. 

Hardscaping and landscaping can create dramatic, visually stimulating elements and provide a relaxing space that connects homeowners with nature.

Flexible Office Areas 

As many jobs have gone remote, or become a combination of remote and in-office work, home offices are an essential part of contemporary home remodels. The best way to utilize these spaces is to create flexible work areas that facilitate video conferencing and stimulate creativity.

Wine Refrigerators and Other Entertainment Areas

Bringing friends and family together for celebrations elevates to the next level with dedicated wine refrigerators, wet bars, and other entertainment features. Space for hosting is key to a contemporary home design, creating a place for connection and enjoyment.

Outdoor Spaces and Water Features

These features can include swimming pools, hot tubs, decks, and patios. They are a cornerstone of contemporary homes and add value, relaxation, and comfortable areas for the entire family. These often blend interior and exterior spaces to create flexibility and bring nature inside.

Contemporary homes are among the most popular designs, and homeowners looking to upgrade their existing home should explore a remodel that increases window sizes, opens up the floor plan, and incorporates interior and exterior elements in conjunction.

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